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Powerline Claims

John F. Gibbons & Co are the leading firm of solicitors working in this niche area of the law.

We are the ONLY firm of solicitors in Northern Ireland to have ever won damages for a homeowner, against NIE Networks, in connection with the statutory wayleave, and the refusal to remove their equipment. Our clients recovered 10% of the value of their home.

We have spent many years working on these claims and fighting before the Lands Tribunal, which is a department of the High Court sitting in Belfast. We have worked with experts from GB, who have succeeded in getting compensation in that jurisdiction, and have helped us to understand how to present the cases in the best way, to maximize compensation.

We can safely say that no other firm in NI has the knowledge and experience that we have.

If you are interested in a FREE ASSESSMENT as to whether you might be entitled to compensation, please email our office. Ideally you will send a photograph of the powerlines over your house, or the equipment on or near your property, to john@jfgibbons.co.uk

Don’t trust your case to anyone else!

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