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Clinical Negligence

John Gibbons has been managing cerebral palsy and child brain injury claims since 2001, and in that time has acquired unparalleled experience in the investigation, prosecution and conclusion of these difficult, complex and often high value cases.

We are aware of the profound impact such injuries have upon the child and family responsible for their care.  We appreciate how life changing a birth injury can be, and you can be assured, in appointing John F Gibbons & Co, that you are securing the services of one of the leading firms in the field in Northern Ireland.

Our expertise is not limited to those cases where the child suffers cerebral palsy.  We act in a wide range of cases were medical treatment falls below acceptable standards. We have a particular interest in birth injury to mothers and babies, including cases where sadly a stillbirth or a maternal death occurs.  Whatever the circumstances, you can be assured that we will rigorously and robustly pursue your query to its proper conclusion.

If you have feel you (or your child) may have suffered injury and loss by virtue of poor treatment, or a misdiagnose or delayed diagnosis, please contact us for free advice about making a claim. Even if you have a niggling doubt about what has happened to you, just ask and we will tell you what we think.

Examples of our work

Acted for a child who sustained brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, arising from asphyxia at birth caused by inappropriate use of a drug to accelerate labour. The umbilical cord tightened around baby’s neck and there was inadequate monitoring of fetal heart rate, and no C-section was performed. The case was complicated due to the child also having a naturally occurring brain defect. It was settled on the eve of trial for £3.25 million.

Acting in the case of a boy who suffered asphyxia at birth and was transferred to ICU. He then developed severe jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia), which we believe was not adequately treated and resulted in the development of a rare condition called Kernicterus. We are alleging the resultant brain injury, cerebal palsy and deafness have arisen as a result of failing to treat severe jaundice promptly. The case is proceeding to trial 

Acted for a young lady who was treated at A&E for a wound to her arm. She was left with a noticeable and unsightly scar as a result of negligent stitching of the wound, by untrained staff. She recovered compensation, to include the cost of funding private plastic surgery to improve the scarring to the level it should have been originally.

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